Western Digital connects with my “why”

Really love this new commercial from Western Digital. Is it because I just purchased a WD external portable hard drive? No, its because the authentic tone of the commercial connects with me on a personal level. The honest voice over and well crafted art direction and cinematography connects with something deeper than just another product I need, it connects with “why” I do things and makes me feel like maybe this brand understands me. It makes me feel like hey these guys see things the way I do and use their products the way I do, and maybe next time I’m buying a hard drive or anything else they make I’m going to give it a second look. How do you feel about it? Take a look for yourself and let me know how you feel. Nice job WD.

2 thoughts on “Western Digital connects with my “why”

    • I searched for that information too. The only agency of record I could find was R&R Partners. They had done some campaign work for WD but they did not take credit for the spot on there site. Such a beautiful spot you think someone would at least get some credit for it. If I find anything I’ll be sure to post it. Thanks for checking out the site.

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