Healthcare Photography by George Lange


I wanted to share some beautiful and honest healthcare photographs by photographer George Lange. George is a veteran photographer who has had a successful career photographing some of the worlds most famous celebrities, politicians, and more. Here he’s captured the heart and soul of patients and healthcare professionals within their environment. George knows a thing or two about capturing the hearts of his subjects in a very special way. I had the pleasure of working on a shoot with George about 10 years ago. Watching George work is like watching a magician, he magically pulls out the hidden beauty and personality locked within his subjects. His healthcare work clearly illustrates his passion for capturing special images that people have not seen before, tell a story they have not heard and show people how special they are.

Check out some of the healthcare images below along with the video which includes a wonderful voice over about working with George. I’ve also including a few picts from George’s celebrity work, but for the full show you need to check out George’s site for a closer look. Consider George on your next shoot.

image from photographer George Langeimage from photographer George Langeimage from photographer George Langeimage from photographer George Langeimage from photographer George Lange image from photographer George LangeGeorge lange photoGeorge Lange photoimage from photographer George Langeimage from photographer George LangeGeorge Lange photophotograph by George Langeimage by George Langephoto by George Lange

A few celebrity shots by George. Check out his site for much more.

photo from George Lange

Dianna Sawyer Photo

Photo of P-Diddy with hat over his eyes and tongue out

Also, check out his iPad app.
ipad app image from George Lange

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