15 awesome type effect tutorials

Sometimes typography is all you need to express a good idea. A custom type treatment or special effect can help transform an execution. Would you like to add a custom look to a logo your working on? Make the typography in your concept as cool as your image? Make a headline tell a bigger story? Then you’ll need to customize! Getting custom means you need to know some tricks. Below are 15 dynamic tutorials that can show you how to take words and texture and turn them into works of art. Enjoy!

1. Super glossy 3D

Learn to create this awesome 3D look using Photoshop and Illustrator. By nettuts.

2. 3D sphere icon in Illustrator

Learn to create this 3D look in Illustrator.

3. Aluminium and glass style emblem

A 3D text logo tutorial by vectortuts.

4. 3-D text within a scene

Photoshop tutorial at webdesigner depot.

5. Custom script lettering

Learn to create your own script lettering from scratch. tutorial at vectortuts.

6. Realistic grass text effect

Great effect and great tutorial with downloadable source files at vectortuts.

7. Retro text effect

Tutorial at psdtuts also includes step by step video instructions and source files.

8. Acid liquid inside type effect

Illustrator tutorial and source files at vectortuts.

9. Retro Badge logo

Learn to create this stylish old school look in illustrator.

10. Retro Chrome effect

Create an old school shiny chrome look with this illustrator tutorial.

11. Smoke effect

Get smoked with it with this illustrator tutorial.

12. Folded paper effect

Get to know this paper effect by using illustrator.

13. Fantastic color and 3-d

Fantastic glowing colors and magical 3-d space tutorial from net tuts.

14. Folded paper effect

A video game like block effect by using photoshop. Includes video tutorial.

15. Broken plate

A realistic broken plate effect and texture using photoshop.

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